Biniam @ThE maTriX

What we call a matrix is a gigantic flat cross-construct of historical falsification, misinformation, media deception and deception, the truth behind the veil anaesthesia and immobilization, which makes it impossible for you. You’re living in a dream world. Maybe just a thought act suddenly and swiftly an intelligent beings which should deter you to realize that you are a slave, unable to recognize and to conclude is to know what you think. You’re going from one breeding soulless robot controls,

You are wondering how can that be sure. Now this world will work since centuries ruled by this team of dark energies and controlled, which is only out people for themselves to make and to enslave on the highest level. Now, I want to try you to realize it. You were born like anyone else into slavery and are controlled like everyone else on this our level of those with the money and the media. Consider well, it’s not like you every day running to your work to have somehow enough money.

You work while the beneficiaries of your work probably somewhere in the rich area, are counting their millions, and about you making fun with their peers. They control the media such as radio, television, etc. and can control it with the help of subconscious, imperceptible tricks your thoughts your life your emotions

You can anytime, anywhere on your mobile places you pursue, perhaps even manipulate as it is possible even with your mobile phone or other electromagnetic waves to affect your feelings and your thoughts. Thus, you’re almost always and everywhere at the mercy of them. You send certain signals which stultify you on the radio and television stations which you hypnotize as you are a beautiful on TV before you sit and don’t notice.

At the highest level every human and divine ethics violates you to a barbaric, which is stealing, lying to their friends and family members, with interpretation & enforcement of their own regulations & codes.

Pour over you with alcohol, to keep tablets and drugs to you in a permanent state of stunning, where you can touch not a clear reasonable thinking.

They develop new and disgusting plans to us nor the last to Rob some dignity and to pull the last money out of our pocket. They lie to us on our true story that we don’t realize what we are and how we should actually live for centuries. They destroy nature, spread fear, carry out attacks, they keep the world in a perpetual state of violence and strife.

It’s sure is still hard to believe for you, but it’s the truth, humanity will have lost dominated any connection by a horde of soulless dark creature to their higher self, her conscience. For them we are just toy what command on their listening and what they destroy, if they feel like it.

Who are like you ask now ? Now, they are really human, although they show keeps in human. In addition, they have many mindless slaves that blindly perform each of their commands and follow. They are sitting in the top floors of the largest and most powerful companies in the boardrooms of banks or other entities that can generate lot of money or control. They use countries as their game balls, that if they want to pit them. Some call them the Illuminati, who control the world, What they are is not important, it is important for you to realize that they are really there, that they control us like we are their slaves.

As long as there is the humanity and will never be free, It will continue slogging thousands and thousands, to torment, exploited or sent in a senseless war and starve.

Act now!
The only weapon you need is your mind and your mind.

Your efforts should be a holistic way of life in harmony with nature and the environment. Also, the dissemination of knowledge about the so-called conspiracy, which guide us and direct how they want and that are their slaves to make humanity perfect. They incite violence, hatred and greed, they poison us with their drugs-media cocktail. They destroy mother earth and exploit the natural resources ( water, ores). Therefore start to defend you against it. They have no conscience, who lost every contact to their higher self, It will certainly not be easy, but the reward will be the FREEDOM at the end!

Start standing up, stands up and fights, but only with the weapons of truth, non-violent resistance, love, mind, and compassion! Help your neighbor, help others who are in need and realize that we are all brothers and sisters, we all are from the same seed and that we are all one!

 Bob Marley SAY’s on his song : WAKE UP and LIVE :
 Life is one big road with lots of signs.
 So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind.
 Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy.
 Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality.

Wake Up and Live!